About Us

We have over 20 years of experience


is a company formed with the objective to carry on the business of production, procurement, selling, marketing, or export of products inclusive of Furniture and Home, Business of cultivation, harvesting, procurement, grading, processing, selling, marketing or export of herbs, medicinal plants, and vegetables, empowerment of producer communities.

Some of the major sectors in which CEDAR RETAIL is involved at present are the marketing of eco-friendly lifestyle handcrafted products, production & supply of qualitative agriculture planting materials, production and promotion of organic agricultural inputs such as organic fertilizers, biocontrol agents & market facilitation for value-added agricultural products. The company supports farmers, entrepreneurs & artisans from the state of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka & Jharkhand.

Our Team Members

Dr. Jacob Samuel

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Alok Thomas Paul


Ms. Emy Acha Paul

Promoter & Director


CEDAR retail was envisioned to meet a two-pronged vision, the first to create an affordable and accessible consumer goods market for all strata of the society on one hand, and to create forward linkages for small entrepreneurs and manufacturers, provisioning them with reliable, viable supply chains.

CEDAR’s Adaptation to Founder’s Vision

Be a catalyst in building a society with equal livelihood opportunities, improved quality of living, and responsible consumption. 


To be a leader in innovative natural and eco-friendly products using natural & nature-friendly materials and the skills of the people in and around the operational areas which will create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the people, especially women around the region.  

Goals & Objectives


To develop and manufacture natural & nature-friendly products with exemplary quality and a substantial quantity


To develop and implement world-classes manufacturing facilities and systems


To innovate and explore the skills knowledge, and natural resources of the region and create products from the above-said resources to the world market


To improve the skills of the local people and create sustainable employment opportunities to the people, especially women


To build a profitable that which adds value to people and the planet