Our Brands

We are over 20 years of experience


Suvidi is an organic brand of CEDAR that envisions a healthy society, making healthy organic products accessible to everyone. The thought behind Suvidi commenced in 2006, when CEDAR wished to reintroduce traditional organic farming to the Adatt paddy fields in Thrissur, Kerala. LACON - the International Organic Certification Agency - certified the cultivation, storage, processing, and packing procedures of Suvidi.


Crosso, is a mass producer of direct consumable food products like Cake, Bread & Pre-Packed snacks made out of high-quality ingredients is supplied to different outlets of Thrissur.


Within a short span of time, under the brand name ‘Powergram’ CRPL has converted many households into renewable energy by providing both on-grid & off-grid solutions.

It took it as a mission to educate the benefits of creating one’s own energy resource and have successfully serviced throughout Kerala. At present the organization is providing Solar on grid, off grid, solar Inverters and other green energy products.


Cedar Retail Pvt Ltd. with an intention to make serious investments in natural resources, entered into manufacturing of fiber to low- cost products ensuring high standards in production quality. This particular vertical covers products made of Jute, Bamboo and Water hyacinth which is designed and manufactured with a sole intention to disperse monetary value to the lower level of the economy. The products made are currently marketed under two different brand names- “Go Nature” & “Prerana”. “GONATURE” is a venture of ESAF in the tribal heartland of India – Jharkhand to provide opportunities for the marginalized and tribal craftsmen to enterprise and live a dignified life. Brand is having their own exclusive outlets for retailing. “Prerana” focuses on jute products manufactured by women. Both brands are built upon the same concept of naturally developing the products which could replace artificial material. The products developed finds both domestic and foreign market and are currently exploring new channels to sell. Our International clientele for such products include iconic IKEA Sweden.