Café Crosso

A premium meet-and-eat cafe offering a wide range of Indian & international cuisines and beverages. Café Crosso offers a delightful and cozy ambience to spend quality time with your loved ones. A perfect destination to enjoy delectable delights with your family and friends.

CEDAR Gourmet

CEDAR Gourmet is a one-stop store offering a wide range of Indian and imported specialty food products & premium ingredients. A true haven for food enthusiasts offering an array of carefully curated products for a wholesome culinary experience.

CEDAR Supermart & Micromart

CEDAR Supermart & Micromart offers a wide range of daily essentials at a reasonable price thus making affordable products accessible to everyone along with providing a platform for local producers and micro–entrepreneurs to sell their products. A network of 11 stores caters to Thrissur’s semi-urban and rural population.


GoNature ORIGINS is an eco-conscious fashion and lifestyle brand that offers a range of products that are sustainable in nature. GoNature ORIGINS, aims to empower artisans & revive traditional crafts by showcasing the rich heritage of Indian handloom & handicrafts, especially the lesser-known weaves, and crafts. GoNature ORIGINS wide collection includes sarees, stoles, dupattas, hand-woven fabric, home furnishing, and home utility and décor. The Kochi-based store caters to handloom and handicraft enthusiasts who admire and value the exceptional skills and efforts involved in making unique handmade products.

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CEDAR Retail with an intention to make serious investments in natural resources, entered into manufacturing of products from naturally available fibers while ensuring high standards in production quality. These particular vertical covers product made of jute, bamboo and water hyacinth which is designed and manufactured with a sole intention to disperse monetary value to the population who are at the bottom of income pyramid.
The products made are currently marketed under brand name ‘Gonature’. The brand is built upon the concept of developing products from natural resources which could replace artificial material. Gonature focuses on bamboo, jute and water hyacinth products made by tribal artisans of Jharkhand and West Bengal. These products have a market both in India and abroad. Our International clientele for such products includes iconic IKEA Sweden.

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Within a short span of time, under the brand name ‘Powergram’, CEDAR Retail has installed solar units in many households thus shifting them from non – renewable to renewable energy.
Powergram’s mission is to educate the masses about the benefits of creating one’s own energy resource. The Company at present offers solar on grid & off grid solutions, solar Inverters and other green energy products. Additionally, Powergram also provides servicing of these solar products.

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Crosso, is a bulk producer of bakery products and pre-packed snacks made out of high-quality ingredients. These products are supplied to various outlets based at Thrissur.
CEDAR Gourmet, is a premium Gourmet store offering a wide range of Indian and international food brands along with Crosso’s bakery products and snacks based in Thrissur. The store also houses Café Crosso, a premium hangout for family and friends.


This Company was established with the objective of providing a market for individual milk producers. Dairy farmers are ensured regular income through the network of CEDAR Retail stores that offers guaranteed market, remunerative price, credit support, technical inputs, testing facilities, etc. The robust cold – chain infrastructure guarantees consistency in the quality of products offered under the brand name ‘Rhema’. The products are currently available at Thrissur, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Ernakulam districts.


Suvidi is an organic brand of CEDAR Retail that envisions a healthy society, making healthy organic products accessible to everyone. The idea of Suvidi took shape in 2006, when CEDAR Retail planned to reintroduce traditional organic farming at the Adatt paddy fields, Thrissur, Kerala. LACON – the International Organic Certification Agency has certified the cultivation, storage, processing, and packing procedures of Suvidi.

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